- Puppy is transferred to the buyer at the age of not earlier than 3 months, treated by helminths inoculated with the veterinary passport stamp, pedigree RKF-FCI

- Puppies are transferred to the buyer at the time of sale healthy. At the time of transfer of responsibility for the health of the puppy to the buyer.

- Breeder guarantees the breed puppy. It ensures the accuracy of the information as a puppy at the time of sale. Breeder guarantees that the puppy is free of mortgage and other liabilities, ensures that photos and videos are presented is of a puppy who offers for sale.

- Breeder guarantees that it sells those pups whose photos displayed on the site.

Bought a dog (puppy) in kennel "Sharmipom" - returned or exchanged can not be! (Government Decree of 20.10.1998 № 1222, item 13).

- Breeder recommends sterilization (castration) bought puppies that do not provide breeding values for the breeder.

- The breeder is not positioned as a show-and puppies - breed class, only the prospect of puppies. Show and breed class puppy can be claimed no earlier than at the age of 7 months.

- The acquisition of a puppy means that the buyer has familiarized yourself (Internet, books, magazines, etc.) with the features of their chosen breed (growth, development, character, care, predisposition to disease risks), and consciously made a decision.

- The buyer gets an animal as it is, with all the risks. breeder can only predict, but did not ensure the quality of the puppy into adulthood. The breeder does not provide a guarantee on the teeth after the change, the growth in the membership (can only express my assumption), the ability to reproduce, to show career. Warranty on the growth of teeth and puppy class - only from the age of 7 months. Breeder is not responsible for hidden defects or diseases that can not be determined at the time and point of sale aktirovki puppy.


- Redundancy puppy for a certain period:

1. The amount of the deposit established breeder individually and specifically for each puppy and is at least 30% of the total cost of the puppy.

2. The term redundancy is established by mutual agreement of the parties.

3. If the buyer has any circumstances do not allow him to take a puppy in the stipulated time, he shall notify in advance the breeder and agree with them all the possible changes.

4. If, at the expiration of a specified period, the buyer is not for the puppy, the breeder the right to consider this a puppy free of encumbrances.

5. If the buyer, reserve a puppy, later renounces the final settlement, and reserved them from a puppy, the deposit is not refundable.

Just in our nursery there is a long-term backup for those who want to buy a puppy from certain manufacturers. This deposit is a guarantee of what you will be provided with a puppy on your selected manufacturers. Learn about the planned breedings You can follow any responses by phone. +79113553243 Or send us an email address "Sharmipom@gmail.com". If you offered are not suitable for puppies from a breeder beyond reason, your deposit will automatically go into the queue of long-term backup. The deposit is non-refundable!

Just the right kennel you refuse to purchase a puppy because:

Puppy 1.1 can provide a breeding value for the nursery.

1.2 In the puppy can detect hidden defects, etc.

1.3 If we had the slightest suspicion of decency future owner of the puppy, the nursery immediately refuse to purchase a puppy.

We hope that you will treat with attention to all the above, and assure you approach buying a puppy in our kennel to avoid further misunderstandings and conflicts.

Yours faithfully Anna kennel "Sharmipom".